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Paint Removal & Restoration

Marine - Auto - Aircraft - Construction

Residential & Commercial

We are a full service, mobile, dustless paint removal service. Mike Deto Paint Removal &Restoration emphasizes quality and excellence above all things.
Boat Paint Removal
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Graffiti Removal

Whether you need paint or rust removed from your automobile, boat, trailer, 
construction equipment or any other painted surface,  Media Blasting of Southwest Florida uses the “Dustless Blasting System” which consists of crushed, recycled bottle glass mixed with water for a clean, complete finish.

We are an eco-friendly mobile service.

Commercial & Residential

Rust Removal
Wood Restoration
Paint Removal
Lead Paint Remediation

Paint removal
Mold and Lead Paint Remediation
Wood Restoration
Rust, Stain & Graffiti Removal

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